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Farenga Dates in Greek History The following developments and dates in Greek history will help you place Alexander and his achievements in the broader context of previous Greek history and legend. Somel dates are approximate. All are BC 1500 BC Late Bronze Age Palace states on Crete construct a Minoan maritime empire in parts of the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean. Mainland Greeks, the Mycenaeans, take over this empire and try to expand it to Asia Minor. 1200 The Trojan War probably resulted from the Mycenaean Greeks’ attempts to conquer the kingdom of Troy that controlled access to the Hellespont and Black Sea region. 1100 Mycenaean and other palace state systems throughout the eastern Mediterranean collapse under attack from outsiders. A “Dark Age” begins in Greece, where populations and communities shrink to pre-state levels. 800 Independent city-state communities emerge in Greece and quickly spread around the Aegean and to southern Italy, North Africa and the Black Sea. Homer’s
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