Julio-Claudians & Focus Questions

Julio-Claudians & Focus Questions - Who are the...

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Who are the Julio-Claudians? This was the first dynasty of Roman emperors, producing 5 emperors, from Augustus (Octavius), who ruled from 31 BC – 14 AD, to Nero, who ruled from 54 – 68 AD. Below is a brief account of the dynasty’s major births and marriages. Most of the names are characters in Graves’ I, Claudius; the names in bold indicate individuals whose life or place in the dynasty you should remember. 1. Julius Caesar’s sister Julia had a daughter, Atia, who married a man named Gaius Octavius. They had one daughter, Octavia , and one son, Octavius . This Octavius became the first emperor and renamed himself Caesar Augustus . 2. Octavia was widowed young and was then married to Mark Antony . They had two daughters of the same name, Antonia the Elder and Antonia the Younger (see below section 4). 3. Octavius married a second wife, Scribonia, and they had a daughter Julia, who would marry three times. Julia’s second marriage was to Marcus Vispanius Agrippa , with whom she had a daughter, Agrippina the Elder (see below section 5) Julia’s third husband was Tiberius (see below section 4), the second
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Julio-Claudians & Focus Questions - Who are the...

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