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Life of Antony - ARLT 100g Spring 2007 Masters of Power: 10...

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ARLT 100g Masters of Power: 10 Ancient Lives Spring 2007 Plutarch’s Life of Antony Plutarch’s Antony has hundreds of stories and anecdotes, and thousands of personal and places names, facts, figures, etc. To organize this material and identify the most important pieces of information, we can separate Antony’s life and Cleopatra’s life into themes. Under each theme, we can list the most memorable anecdotes and facts and so create an outline of both lives. Below are possible themes and examples for each one. 1. Antony as “Julius Ceasar, Jr.” Thru Curio, Antony joins Caesar’s faction [sec. 5, p. 368] Reads Caesar’s letters to Senate, helps start civil war with Pompey [5, 368-9] Shines in many battles for Caesar, becomes C’s cavalry commander[8, 370-71] Caesar honors him as chariot-companion and colleague [11, 373] Offers Caesar the crown at Lupercalia [12, 373-4] Delivers funeral oration for Caesar, turns crowd against assassins [14, 375] 2. Antony as a “man’s man” [= model of virility for other men] Cultivated a Hercules image in his looks and dress [4, 367] Boasting, teasing, vulgar behavior arouse loyalty in his soldiers [4, 367] Excelled in adversity, offered example of courage and endurance to his men [17, 377] Impresses young Athenian men as “gymnasiarch” [33, 389]
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Life of Antony - ARLT 100g Spring 2007 Masters of Power: 10...

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