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Notes on Stone's Alexander

Notes on Stone's Alexander - Oliver Stones Alexander(2004...

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Oliver Stone’s Alexander (2004) Screening Note Sheet Farenga As we watch the film, be mindful of these seven components of filmmaking: 1. Script 2. Casting 3. Performances 4. Direction 5. Set design + costumes 6. Locations 7. Editing Below are some of the film’s sequences or key scenes. You might want to scribble a few notes to record your reaction or any questions you have: 1. Ptolemy in Alexandria provides narrative frame for Alexander’s story 2. Olympias and the boy Alexander form a very intimate mother-child bond 3. Young A. witnesses Philip using aggression to sexually possess Olympias (= rape?). Olympias sneers to Philip, “In my I carry womb my avenger.” 4. Young A. and Hephaistion wrestling: male bonding 5. Aristotle’s lessons to A. and friends: on homosexual love, on the geographical limits of the world, on Greece as a world-ruler, on the dangers of the East, on the
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advisability of acting when motivated by the “foolish passions” of myths and dreams 6. A. tames Bucephalas; the omen of the imperial eagle first appears.
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