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ARLT 101g Masters of Power: 10 Ancient Lives Scenes from HBO’s Rome (final episode 06) Below are some of the scenes we saw from the final episode of the 2006 Rome series. 1. Caesar plans to admit Gauls and plebian Romans to the Senate; he appoints Lucius Vorenus a Senator and will use him as a bodyguard. 2. Lucius Vorenus and his wife enjoy marital bliss and discuss the marriage of their teenage daughter to a wealthy old senator. She wants to “marry for love.” 3. Titus Pollo recovers from wounds he received in an impromptu gladiatorial combat he and Vorenus engaged in (this made them both wildly popular with the masses). He returns to Vorenus’ home and to the freedwoman he loves. 4. Servilia (Brutus’ mother) presides over the conspirators planning the assassination. Their problem: how to get Vorenus away from JC’s side. 5. Portents: a flock of starlings takes flight and momentarily forms into the image of a death’s head. JC’s wife Calpurnia has ominous dreams. 6.
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