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Schumaker_OP-ED - Schumaker 1 Scott Schumaker Prof Vincent...

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Schumaker 1 Scott Schumaker Prof. Vincent Farenga T.A. Olanna Mills ARLT 101 g 1 April 2008 Downtown Los Angeles Takes Periclean Strides towards Redevelopment Are the noise, appearance, and traffic-jamming effects of the downtown Los Angeles construction negatively affecting your morning commute to your downtown skyline office? Or are you worried that your tax dollar is being frivolously spent on rejuvenating a downtown that was coined a “lost cause” a decade ago? If your answer is “Yes,” don’t fret; the downtown redevelopment project is a throwback to the great Athenian leader Pericles, whose rebuilding and additions to the Acropolis in Athens created not only a civic and cultural center to rival any other of the time, but also established the period as a “Golden Age.” This is because the governmental spending stimulated and enlivened economic prosperity for all men of all trades throughout the city. Also, don’t worry; the construction will be completed before you know it. It seems fascinating that from the get-go both the Athens and the Los Angeles’ community-building policies received so much scrutiny. In ancient times, opponents for the construction of the many temples of the Acropolis bashed Pericles’ use of imperially collected public funds for anything other than military spending. At the time, the Greek funds of Delos, which were intended to provide arms to deter potential attacks from their Persian enemies, had been transferred to Athens for safe keeping. It was only through the persistence of Pericles that the money was used to “Gild and embellish our city, as if she were a vain woman adorning herself with costly marble, statues, and temples at 1,000 talents a time,” as his dismayed enemies exclaimed (Plutarch 155).
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Schumaker 2 In the same way, community planning “experts” typically bashed the L.A. redevelopment plans from the start, saying that they would be an unsuccessful failure, and that the 10 billion dollars needed to carryout these plans could be better spent on refurbishing local communities. Before construction began, California historian Kevin Starr seemed unsure of the remake’s success when he said, "I think L.A. is still uncertain as to its urbanism, unlike New Yorkers who are fundamentally certain about theirs” (Pomfret 1). Similarly, Dan Rosenfeld, a partner at a downtown real estate development firm said, "We are a collection of individuals, not a community. L.A. is impossible to plan; its civic character is a bundle of energy and not a place” (Pomfret 1). Such doubters
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Schumaker_OP-ED - Schumaker 1 Scott Schumaker Prof Vincent...

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