Chapter 2

Relationship science can affect us personally in ways

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Unformatted text preview: ompeting for your attention. Relationship science can affect us personally in ways most other sciences do not. William F. Whyte (1914­2000), a Sociologist studying Social Relations – published Street Corner Society Leon Festinger (1919­1989) Social pressures in informal groups; a study of human factors in housing. Donn Byrne Importance of attitude similarity on attraction The scientific study of human relationships is a relatively new endeavor, beginning in earnest only about 50 years ago. Examine various types of intimate relationships …frequently in their natural settings …often over long periods of time …in diverse samples of people …studying both the rewards and costs of intimacy Journals: – Journal of Marriage and the Family – Journal of Social and Personal Relationships – Personal Relationships And visit: the International Association for Relationship Research at How Does Relationship Science Work? Developing a Question Obtaining Participants Choosing a Design Selecting a Setting The Nature of the Data The Ethics of Such Endeavors Interpreting and Integrating Results Developing a Question The questions researchers ask emerge from various sources: Personal experience Social problems Previous research Theories Some studies seek to describe events as they naturally occur… And other studies strive to establish the causal connections between events that determine which c...
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