Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Unformatted text preview: ata are actually being collected? Self­reports Observations Physiological measures Archival materials Couples’ reports The Ethics of Such Endeavors Should relationship science pry into people’s personal affairs? Relationship scientists are very careful to protect the welfare of the participants in their research… …but people may be asked about sensitive matters. Interpreting and Integrating Results The data obtained in relationship studies can present unique complexities: Paired, interdependent data – partners influence each other; their responses are not independent Different levels of analysis – researchers can study partners as individuals or as a couple Three sources of influence – each of the individual partners and their idiosyncratic partnership influence what happens Interpreting and Integrating Results Meta­analyses are studies that statistically combine the results from prior studies to identify the themes they contain. Chris and Jill had to participate in research studies if they wanted to pass the Introductory Psychology course they were taking together, so they signed up for a study of “R...
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