Chapter 2

They had been dating for two months and the study was

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Unformatted text preview: elationship Processes.” They had been dating for two months and the study was seeking “premarital romantic couples,” and they liked the fact that they would be paid $5.00 if they both participated. So, they attended a session with a dozen other couples in which they were separated and seated on opposite sides of a large room. They read and signed a permission form that noted they could quit anytime they wanted, and then started to work on a long questionnaire. Some of the questions were provocative. They were asked how many different people they had had sex with in the last year, and how many people they wanted to have sex with in the next five years. Then, they were asked to answer the same questions again, this time as they believed the other would. Chris had never pondered such questions before, and he realized, once he thought about it, that he actually knew very little about Jill’s sexual history and future intentions. That night, he was a little anxious, wondering and worrying about Jill’s answers to those questions. In your opinion, was this research procedure ethical? Would you like to compete a similar questionnaire? Why? For Your Consideration...
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