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Marisa Lusthaus MFL25 Jason Cons Section 4 Health Regarded as a Public Issue of Social Structure Health is a broad term that can be defined according to individual status or a societal point of view. It is commonly associated with being a social science. Mill’s sociological imagination addresses the intersection of individuals’ lives and society. Applying Mill’s distinction between a “personal trouble of milieu” and a “public issue of social structure” provokes the question of whether health should be considered a public or private matter. There are clear distinctions between personal problems and social issues; however, they both interact to affect society. Health is not simply an individual problem; society is composed of individuals and it is the health of these individuals that determine the overall well being of a society. In order to best address the issues of health troubling our nation, health should be regarded as a “public issue of social structure” to enable the creation and implementation of the most effective reforms. Health is often studied with regard to an individual and his/her interactions with others. Individual or personal health draws upon the concept that an individual has control over his/her existence. Things such as employment, healthcare, and housing are all elements that affect a person’s health, but these things are not fairly distributed in our society. As Wilkinson states, “80 per cent of the most important 80 or so causes of death are more common in blue-collar than white collar workers” (Wilkinson 2). It is very possible that by providing every individual in our nation with health care services, the
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dsoc FINAL essay 1 - Marisa Lusthaus MFL25 Jason Cons...

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