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Homework 3 - ESE 372/Spring 2009 HW3(problems are taken...

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1 ESE 372/Spring 2009 HW3 (problems are taken from recommended book) Due: March 5 th . Part 1 (corrections to HW2) D2.12. Using an ideal op amp, what are the values of the resistors R1 and R2 to be used to design amplifier with the closed-loop gains listed below. In your design, use 10k as a value of one resistor. Value of the other resistor should be equal or larger than 10k . (a) -1V/V; (b) -2 V/V; (c) -0.5 V/V; (d) -100 V/V. D2.33. Assuming the op amp to be ideal, it is required to design the circuit below to implement current amplifier with gain i_load/i_in=20 A/A. (a) find the required value for R; (b) if R L =1k and the op amp operates in an ideal manner so long as V_out is in the range ±12 V. What range of i_in is possible? 2.62. For the circuit below express v_out as a function of v_1 and V_2. What is the input resistance seen by v_1 alone? By v_2 alone? By a source connected between the two input terminals?
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2 Part 2 2.84. Op amp is characterized by a gain-bandwidth product of 20MHz. It is operated with closed- loop gain of +100V/V. What 3-dB bandwidth results?
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