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Weekly announcements – Chemistry 121N – week of October 23 rd 1. Your first midterm will be held on Monday evening at 6:30 PM in either Kottman or Vivian Hall. Please check the information under the heading “First Midterm” on the website last week and make sure that you know where you are taking the midterm. Also make sure that you know where these venues are located on campus. 3. Please note that an error occurred in the answer for Q31 in the practice midterm. The correct answer is a) and not e). This has been corrected. I have also posted solutions for most of the questions of the sample midterm under FIRST MIDTERM SAMPLE ANSWERS. 2. The following persons made arrangements with me for later or earlier midterms: Early midterm at 11:30 AM in 3033 MP on 10/23/06 – Liane Longbottom and Michael Bell Late midterm at 4:00PM in Hopkins Hall (HC) 0250 – Steven Kreft. Nick Agins,
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Unformatted text preview: Warsan Warsame, Megan Beaver signed up for this midterm (we can no longer hold it in my office since I can only accommodate only 3 persons there.) 3. I am available tomorrow from 11:30-1:00PM even though 2 students are taking the midterm in my office. We can sit at the table in the reception room to discuss any problems you might have. Unfortunately, I will not be available before 5:30 PM on Tuesday because of the late midterms I must proctor. 4. The work I plan to do with you on Tuesday is really important and has to do with electronic configurations. This will be the basis for discussions in subsequent chapters and I will also try to arrange for several demos. I hope you will be very successful taking the midterm this week. Dr. Heyns...
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