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General announcements -121N - week of November 13 1. Please make sure that you know that the second midterm will be held on Monday, November 13 at 6:30PM in the venues stated under second midterm on the web. Only 4 students have made arrangements to take this exam either late or early. Please e-mail me if you are in doubt about the arrangements for this exam. 2. The answers for the review questions for midterm2 have been posted on the web. Please note that the term bond order has been used in these questions and most of you are not familiar with this term. It can be defined as the number of bonds formed by a central atom in a molecule divided by the number of atoms to which it is bonded. In ozone O = O – O there are 2 resonance structures. In each of these the central oxygen atom is bonded to one other oxygen by means of a double bond (2 bonds) and to
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Unformatted text preview: another by a single bond. In total, the central oxygen atom has 3 bonds (one double and one single) and the bond order is 3/2 (number of bonds divided by number of atoms to which it is bonded). The bonding order of the central oxygen is therefore 1.5. In O = C = O the central carbon is bonded to 2 oxygens by means of double bonds. The bond order is therefore 4 bonds (2 double bonds) divided by 2 atoms to which it is bonded. This is equal to 4/2 =2 for the bond order. 3. Please ignore question in your review questions, a typo occurred and it should have read water instead of base. 4. Some notes on material dealt with in the review lecture are posted under review for midterm on the web. I hope you do well in your midterm. Dr. Heyns...
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