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Announcements for the week of November 27 th , 2006 1. Exams – make-up midterms will be held for all students in Chemistry on Wednesday November 29 th in MP 1000 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Students must sign up in CE 100 to be able to take a midterm and must have a good reason for taking the midterm. You MUST get my permission before taking the exam. Only makeup midterm 2 will be available for Chemistry 121N. 2. The final exam will be held on Tuesday, December 5 th at 5:30 in MP 1000. If you have a conflict please communicate with me as soon as possible. 3. This week we will be completing our syllabus by doing Chapter 5 – Thermochemistry. Lecture notes with Homework Problems have been posted on my website. 4. For students who did not attend class for the past 2 lectures, please make sure that you
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Unformatted text preview: are fully familiar with concepts like hybridization, delocalized molecular orbitals and the molecular orbital theory for diatomic molecules. Do the homework problems for Chapter 9 and compare your answers with the solutions that are available on the web. This week’s quizzes will deal with Chapter 9, but not all material can be covered by a quiz and it is very important that you are understand these concepts. This material will also be dealt with in your lab for the week and you will be expected to answer questions on VSEPR theory and molecular geometry, sigma (σ) and pi (π) bonds and molecular orbital theory. . I wish you the best of luck with your last week of classes for this quarter. Dr. Heyns...
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