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Practice Quiz 3 (Thursday) Dr. Heyns Chemistry 121 Week of Autumn Quarter 2006 October 16, 2006 Time: 20 min Points: 30 Name of student:__________________________________ Name of TA:______________________________________ 1. (3 pts) When aqueous solutions of ___________are mixed, a precipitate forms. Consult table with solubilities at the end of the quiz. a) NiBr 2 and AgNO 3 b) NaI and KBr c) K 2 SO 4 and CrCl 3 d) KOH and Ba(NO 3 ) 2 e) Li 2 CO 3 and CsI 2. (5 pts) Complete and balance the following equation: CoCl 2 (aq) + AgNO 3 (aq) → Which ion(s) is/are spectator ions in this reaction? a) Co 2+ and NO 3 - b) NO 3 - and Cl - c) Co 2+ and Ag + d) Cl - e) NO 3 - 1
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3. (5 pts) Which compound has the atom with the highest oxidation number? a) CaS b) Na 3 N c) MgSO 3 d) Al(NO 2 ) 3 e) NH 4 Cl 4. (5 pts) Which of the following reactions will not occur as written? Consult the activity series at the end of the quiz. a) Zn (s) + Pb(NO
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