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Practice Quiz 5 (Thursday) Dr. Heyns Chemistry 121 Week of Autumn Quarter 2006 November 9, 2006 Time: 20 min Points: 30 Name of student:__________________________________ Name of TA:______________________________________ 1. (5 pts) In general, as you go across a period in the periodic table from left to right: (1) the atomic radius __________; (2) the electron affinity becomes __________ negative; and (3) the first ionization energy __________. a) decreases, decreasingly, increases b) increases, increasingly, decreases c) increases, increasingly, increases d) decreases, increasingly, increases e) decreases, increasingly, decreases 2. (5 pts) Screening by the valence electrons in atoms is __________. a) less efficient than that by core electrons b) more efficient than that by core electrons c) essentially identical to that by core electrons d) responsible for a general increase in atomic radius going across a period
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121quiz5Rpractice - ...

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