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Practice Quiz 5 (Tuesday) Dr. Heyns Chemistry 121 Week of Autumn Quarter 2006 November 6, 2006 Time: 20 min Points: 30 Name of student:__________________________________ Name of TA:______________________________________ 1.(5pts) The first ionization energies of the elements __________ as you go from left to right across a period of the periodic table, and __________ as you go from the bottom to the top of a group in the table. a) increase, increase b) increase, decrease c) decrease, increase d) decrease, decrease e) are completely unpredictable 2 (5 pts) In which set of elements would all members be expected to have very similar chemical properties?
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Unformatted text preview: a) O, S, Se b) N, O, F c) Na, Mg, K d) S, Se, Si e) Ne, Na, Mg 1 3. (6 pts) Of the following, which gives the correct order for atomic radius for Mg, Na, P, Si and Ar? a) Mg > Na > P > Si > Ar b) Ar > Si > P > Na > Mg c) Si > P > Ar > Na > Mg d) Na > Mg > Si > P > Ar e) Ar > P > Si > Mg > Na 4. (5 pts) Of the following atoms, which has the largest first ionization energy? a) Br b) O c) C d) P e) I 5 (5 pts) Of the elements below, __________ is the most metallic. a) Na b) Mg c) Al d) K e) Ar 6. (5 pts) Oxides of most nonmetals combine with water to form __________. a) an acid b) a base c) water and a salt d) water e) hydrogen gas 2...
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121quiz5Tpracticeans - a O S Se b N O F c Na Mg K d S Se Si...

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