Chem syllabus - Unique:53570 CH302 - Principles of...

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Unformatted text preview: Unique:53570 CH302 - Principles of Chemistry II MWF 9:00-10:00 WEL 2.224 Spring 2008 Instructor: James A. Holcombe Office: WEL 3.234 Hours: M, W 2-3 pm or by appointment Email: Course information: All information (lecture notes, various scores, announcements, etc.) will be posted on Blackboard. You can access this via Textbook: Chemical Principles, 5th Edition, Steven S. Zumdahl (Houghton Mifflin Co.; 2005) (Two covers same book) Chapters to be Covered: Chapter 17, 6-8, 11 and 15 will be covered in this course with approximate exam coverage as follows: Exam 1 : Chapter 9&10(selected review items), and 17 Exam 2 : Chapter 6 and 7 Exam 3 : Chapter 8 and 11 (partial) Exam 4 : Chapter 11 (remaining) and 15 Specifics on exam coverage and any changes will be announced in class Final Exam : Comprehensive chapters 17, 6-8, 11 and 15 covered Optional: Study Guide (Paul B. Kelter) and Partial Solutions Guide (Thomas J. Hummel & Steven S. Zumdahl) for Zumdahls Chemical Principles. The Study Guide has high points of each chapter as well as additional problems with solutions. The textbook provides answers for odd numbered problems, and the Partial Solutions Guide provides more detail on the means of solving the same odd numbered problems. Calculator: Calculators (including graphic calculators) can be used on the exam. Computers, phones with calculators, PDAs (e.g., Palms) are NOT allowed. If you have any doubts whether your calculator is legal, please ask one of the instructors before the day of the exam. Teaching Assistant Office Hours Where? Email Carina Gunder Wed 10-11 AM Thurs 11-12 (noon) cubicles in WEL 1.300 hallway Adam Rowland Tu 10-11 AM cubicles in WEL 1.300 hallway Weekly Review/Help Sessions Mon and Wed 5- 6 PM WEL 2.246 Starting on Wed, Jan 23 Other Forms of Help: Open Mentoring Residential Study Hall Groups Academic Community Programs Eduspace (This is a free online site provided by publisher of your text): Self-help problems, videos and other items you may find useful. See the last page of this syllabus for instructions on signing up. Overall SCORING for the Course Your overall score will be determined from homework, quizzes, 4 exams, PLUS a FINAL EXAM, which must be taken. The percentages are the following: Homework 5 % iClicker quizzes (in class) 5% Exams 70 % Final 20 % TOTAL 100% GRADING The following cut-offs may be lowered (curved) but will not be raised above the percentages shown below: A > 90% B > 80% C > 70% D > 60% F < 60% EXAM SCHEDULE All hour exams will be taken on Thurs evenings (7-9pm), and the class will be split between WEL 1.308 and 1.316....
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Chem syllabus - Unique:53570 CH302 - Principles of...

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