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HW09 - by placing the appropriate letter in the box Choose...

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CH 310M/318M Spring 2008 Last Name: First Name: Dr. Bocknack UTEID: Score: Please circle the section in which you are registered ! POINTS MAY BE DEDUCTED IF YOU DON’T ! MWF 9:00 TTh 8:00 Graded Homework Problem #09 Deadline : 3:00 p.m., Monday, 3/3/08 LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR GRADED!!! (Problem worth 20 points; each part worth 4 points) In each part of this question, two structures are given. Compare the structure on the left to the structure on the right, and indicate their relationship
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Unformatted text preview: by placing the appropriate letter in the box. Choose from the following list of possible relationships. I = Identical compounds C = Constitutional isomers E = Enantiomers D = Diastereomers U = Completely unrelated (i.e. neither identical nor isomers) (a) Cl Cl O OH Cl Cl HO O (b) H 3 C CH 3 H 3 C CH 3 (c) (d) C C C H H 3 C H CH 3 C C C H H 3 C CH 3 H (e) CH 3 O O OH CH 3 O...
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