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EE 302 Practice Test Pg. 1

EE 302 Practice Test Pg. 1 - Department of Electrical...

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Unformatted text preview: Department of Electrical £1.1th Campum' Engineerhm ’T'l'w Unlvemity 05 Thu}: 21.1.. h wsLiJl EB EDIE. timing. 2011?: Tony Ambler. Instruct-or Tits: Jammy Cm‘rllin: l-‘ztulmj Atlllilruri Simnrl'Ex-nun. April 5. 20GB Nan-LB: Problem 1 [20 points]: Prublmu 2 [15 [miutH]; Prohlmu 3 (29 points}: Problem 4 (25 points}: Problem 5 {20 points}: Total [109 palms]: RULE: Plum Lu: sun! than. yum- mmwcrs to all questim (and all supporting work that is required) are mntainetjl in the 91mm pmflrlrbd. Nut-e: Plasma: LIL: Hum your Imam is written lagjbljr or. each sheet. 01' the? exam. GOOD LUCK! ...
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