cs31f08final - UCLA Computer Science 31 Fall 2008 Final...

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Unformatted text preview: UCLA Computer Science 31 Fall 2008 Final Review Problems The solution will be uploaded at http://www.cs.ucla.edu/~schoi/cs31 after the discussion. 1. Fill in the line appropriately to complete the out function, such that it outputs out on the screen (without quotes). The line of code you write must not use any brackets, and should copy a character from computer. void out(char* str, char* &ptr) { ptr = new char[4]; *ptr = str[1]; str += 3; ptr[1] = *str; ptr++; ________________________ ptr += 2; ptr[0] = '\0'; ptr -= 3; } int main() { char* word = "computer"; char* newWord; out(word, newWord); cout << newWord << endl; delete newWord; return 0; } 2. Design the class Goldfish , which models a creature intelligent enough to remember at most capacity characters at a time. Class Goldfish { public: Goldfish(int capacity); ~Goldfish(); void remember(char c); void forget(); void printMemory() const; // prints the content of m_memory private: char* m_memory; // pointer to memory int m_amount; // # chars remembered int m_capacity; // # chars this fish can remember }; (a) Define the constructor. Dynamically allocate capacity many characters to m_memory . Initialize m_memory with dot(.)s. If capacity is not positive, then set it to 3 by default. Remember the m_capacity . (b) Implement remember . Store the character c into m_memory . If remembering a new character makes the total number of remembered characters exceed m_capacity , then discard the oldest character from m_memory to open up a free slot. (This is an example of LRU (Least Recently Used) replacement policy.) (c) Implement...
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cs31f08final - UCLA Computer Science 31 Fall 2008 Final...

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