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scan006 - Nmue{av/042{film-0,5 Fromm E(EU points Part a[3...

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Unformatted text preview: Nmue: {av/042% {film-0,5 Fromm: E (EU points}: Part a [3 points]: “r113; value would 31;“ mld m g. lqwcr mun-a ASCII letter to get the upper LLtLSI? ASCII clwwcbur fur |.1r.: same letter? 5'? 7 '—-‘—| .,. r, Alum: “fit 3 V, i - ;.- Part In [3 paints}: Assemble {convert w binary} the follmriug i1:eru-;::.iuu. Hmm ELI-15x1“ ms (1!; -l Mam-T: 00105.20: IIIIIHH ./ Part. c (5- poium): Name the addressing mndfis or 11110 LC—S. Part d [3 poinLQ]: True or False Dun-1m; le instruction cycle of the LDI instrucLin-n. the LC-3 accesses Jlmumry madly twice - once to read mem[l’C + '1 + PCansct] and once to read mmnjnuml[PC + l + Infihfl'ssf-H. Alum: T Part e (3 psalms}! True or Wish The [olhowjug tum giant-35 of nude Furl: equivalent, memdug L'haL if Lln: PC pointed tn $519. Inflation HE Ruth, leir Execution would be the same. L133 511. R2. #261 .FILL 35293 Answer: F “A ._ 1.? Part f (3 points}: 'Il'uu or 13313:. The Mun-cry Data Haggis-tar {Mint} is uni}r used when reading (Jail-s hum umumry. ...
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