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Quiz 2B - 31-35 Correct Spelling 35 ynia t7 I“ ~ Mia 31 a...

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Unformatted text preview: 31-35: Correct Spelling 35. ynia . t7 I“ ~\ Mia 31. a) dorsaflexron §°O <’ 9 ‘ ‘ ' c).srflnodinia7~ ‘ ' d) uthrodenia 7< / e) phalanges 36 e plane that divides the body vertically , ' to right and lefi portions fitmment to measure joint angles a) frontal a) odometer 0 _ b) coronal b) rhinometer x‘h "6 ©888ittal 9) 8011101115'1'3"!C 03° d) transverse d) spirometer 7(- e) anterior V @oniometer 37 fiening ofnails 4'0. ward the beginning of a structure . a) osteomalacia a) distal ‘ ‘ b) osteomegaly x ' b) medial?‘ V a) scholiosis onychomegaly o<- roximal . q - JJ‘scOliosis . d Ebonychomalacia lateral ‘ ‘ c) mug-1? Q ' e) onychia \. w 0' e) axial d) scholygsE TS" {do e) solic§i_s Kr- “ L S: This 30 yo. 3- presents with an erythematous and scaly erupti/on on the face and ears x 6 mo. Stress and emotional tensions aggravate the rash. Over-the-counter remedies provide no relic . 0 Patchy eryfliema with greasy, yellowish scaling appears over the nose and along the eyebrows. The external ears afi‘ected. Erythematous papules are scattered across the face, and there is 1 oiliness around the nose. A: Seborrheic dermatitis WV i'flFt 0+ {0%} e; jm'“ 5gb UM I) 7 gm 9*" P' Rx: hydrocortisone creamfs's‘oz 0% ’ Sig: apply to afi‘ected areas t.i.d. ‘ ‘ 41. t is patient’s CC? C 0 M9 6.. x C 0 WC“- a) stress and emotional tension ’ b) appearance of raised, yellow, pus-filled lesions on the skin c) appearance of red areas ogjheskin with flaking of the outer layers of the skin d) appearance of red areas on the skin with open sores ce of a communicable rash on the face and car are similarly 42. What is the diagnosis? . a) inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin evidenced by comedones /" b) fungus of the skin (gmflammation of the skin with excessive secretion or sebum from the sebaceous glands highly contagious bacterial skin inflammation marked by pustules that rupture and become crusted e) transient, viral cold sores that infect the facial area - 43.What is the sex of the patient? a) male iQfemale c) not stated 44,..What is the Sig: on the prescription? . ‘pply to affected areas twice a day b)applytoaffectedareasthreetimesaday c)apply to affected areas fourtimes aday ‘r d) apply to affected areas every two hours ¥ e) apply to affected areas every three hours X ow much hydrocortisone cream was prescribed? , ’ lalone ounce “ b) two ounces ' ne-ha ' ' d . e ne-half ounce Note: Please identify yourself on the seantron sheet bv-EID and bv name! ...
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