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Ploof vs. Putnam - family members This is a case of...

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Econ 404 5/7/2009 rmf34 Ploof vs. Putnam Judge(s): Munson Court: Supreme Court of Vermont (Location, Date): Lake Champlain October 1908 Plaintiff: Putnam Case Summary: Putnam, island owner unmoored Ploof’s ship as it docked on his island in lake Champlain during a fierce storm. The ship was docked to prevent damage and it was unmoored by Putnam’s servant and it crashed onto the shore and injured Ploof’s
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Unformatted text preview: family members. This is a case of necessity, to preserve human life is more important and overrides a “trespass” charge. Defense: Ploof Verdict: Putnam is guilty, because he unmoored the sloop, and it was necessary to dock somewhere, sure Ploof could have docked somewhere else, but it doesn’t matter. This is crucial to save human lives. Law and Economics Notes:...
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