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Prah vs. Marretti

Prah vs. Marretti - Econ 404 Prah vs Marretti Judge(s...

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Econ 404 5/11/2009 Prah vs. Marretti Judge(s): Abrahamson, Callow Court: Supreme Court of Wisconsin (Location, Date): March-July 1982 Plaintiff: Glenn Prah Case Summary: Prah used solar power to heat his home, Marretti wants to construct something on his property that is fine by the current deed, but it will harm Prah’s solar usage. Prah wants unrestricted path of sunlight across property. Need to decide how much solar heat is necessary, how much it helps Prah, and how much it hurts Marretti to not have the construction of his new house. Circuit court ruled in favor of Marretti. The had tried to agree and put the new house farther from the existing house, but nothing really came of that and then Marretti changed the grade of the land on which it was going to be built. Prior appropriation… Prah had already been using it, continued use?
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