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Shirley MacLaine vs. 20th Century Fox

Shirley MacLaine vs. 20th Century Fox - initial civil court...

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Econ 404 02:04:08 rmf34 Shirley MacLaine vs. 20 th Century Fox Judge(s): Burke, J., Court: Supreme Court of California (Location, Date): September 1970 Plaintiff: Shirley MacLaine Case Summary: Defense: 20 th Century Fox Verdict: Shirley MacLaine got role and contract for starring in “Bloomer Girl,” a musical but this was changed, and she then got a same paying role in “Big Country, Big Man,” a western film. She had a week to sign and agree to the new contract, but didn’t and instead sued 20 th Century Fox for breach of contract and damages. She won the
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Unformatted text preview: initial civil court case, and got the $750,000 salary. This was then challenged, and 20 th Century Fox said that she should lose from this pay that she could have made while not taking the job. Work in the same field and same quality must be accepted. Part of the problem is that the role of a female lead in a musical is vastly different from that in a western, so some of them say… Judgement of money withheld, a new trial must be had to determine whether or not the employee acted reasonably. Law and Economics Notes:...
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