Week Five

Week Five - Week Five Anthro 100 September 23, 2008 Egos?...

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Week Five Anthro 100 September 23, 2008 Egos? Analogous matrilineal case: ego belongs to the group of his mother o Mother’s brother’s kids belong, not to the group of uncle, but now belong to the ego’s mother’s brother’s wife o Cross cousins on matrilineal side are still members of a group other than ego o Father’s sister’s children are members of patrilineal society o Group of their mother is different than ego’s group One is still practicing exogamy: marrying outside one’s group A cross cousin is the first marriageable person one encounters when one leaves the nuclear family Sister exchange: exogamy Cousin marriage (first) is actually not legal in the United States Most people believe that first cousin marriage is too incestuous o Can lead to defects genetically In fact, the degree to which marriage with cousins deflects the probability of birth defects upward, is so small that it is genetically insignificant In other parts of the world, cross cousin marriage is an acceptable, if not preferable, form of marriage Moieties o Renews alliance between groups through direct exchange Sister exchange regimes are often associated with Iroquois kinship terminology o The children of mother’s brother and father’s sister are treated/referred to as siblings o Functionally equivalent
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o Includes entire universe of biological sisters and parallel female cousins that a man can exchange for a wife Consistently applied over generations, a rule of sister exchange is found consistently with groups that are organized into moieties, or divided into two intermarrying exogamous groups
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Week Five - Week Five Anthro 100 September 23, 2008 Egos?...

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