Taft vs. Richardson - Econ 404 12/11/2007 Taft vs....

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Econ 404 5/11/2009 Taft vs. Richardson Judge: Chief Justice Berger Court: Supreme Court of the US (Location, Date): March 1971 Plaintiff: Case Summary: Higher education facilities act, says that federal money can be used to build facilities are places of higher education, but that they can’t be used for places of worship, or part of the divinity school/department. The act applies to religious schools as well, as long as it’s not for religious purposes, basically a church-related college can use federal money for some buildings. Case Notes: Crossing boundary of Church and State? Money can be used for secular, non-religious activities. Aid is one time for materials or facilities, inspections are given to buildings to verify proper use. (IE can’t get money and build building and then switch over its use.) Questions: Does the act reflect a secular legislative purpose? Is the primary effect of the act to advance or inhibit religion? Does the administration of the act foster an excessive government entanglement
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Taft vs. Richardson - Econ 404 12/11/2007 Taft vs....

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