TJ Hooper vs. Northern Barge Corporation

TJ Hooper vs. Northern Barge Corporation - The ones that...

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Econ 404 21:59:53 rmf34 TJ Hooper vs. Northern Barge Corporation Judge(s): Learned Hand, Circuit Judge Court: (Location, Date): Plaintiff : The T.J. Hooper the Northern No. 30 and No. 17 the Montrose In re Eastern Case Summary : Barges sank in storm because they didn’t have radios. They were relatively new technology at the time, but they had recently become smaller and affordable. Some had it, others didn’t.
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Unformatted text preview: The ones that sank didnt have the radios. Because they didnt they were slacking. They didnt get the storm warning and didnt turn around. They were carrying coal and coke and the cargos were lost. Defense : Northern Barge Corporation. H.N. Hartwell & Son, Inc. Verdict : The tugs were unseaworthy because they didnt have the radios. This is why the barges sank, so the tug company is liable. Law and Economics Notes :...
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