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After analytically reading "Some Lessons from the Assembly Line", by Andrew Braaksma, my assessment stays the same in reference to his goal. He revealed his simple college life and experiences while working a summer factory job and the lessons he learned about the value of hard work and education. I continue to base this on his statement "sweating away my summers as a factory worker makes me more than happy to hit the books." He describes how his time is spent at work and its contrast to “days spent studying and watching Sport Center”. Braaksma makes his goal clearer when he states "my lessons about education are learned at the expense of those who weren't fortunate enough to receive one." "Until then, the summer months I spend in the factories will be long, tiring and every bit as educational as French-lit class" also solidifies this authors goal. In my support of Braaksma's goal I revealed a new key point, the summer months in the
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