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soc 315 Study_Guide_Exam_2 - Study Guide Exam 2 Family and...

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Study Guide – Exam 2 – Family and Society Spring 2008 Social stratification – what does this mean o Structured inequality Poverty line – what was it in 2001 for family of 4, what percent of total population, children, racial/ethnic groups o $18,000 o 12% of population o NA 30% o AA 24% o Hispanic 21% o White 8% Katherine Edin – patchwork strategy of survival for poor women o Poor women pool their resources together to make it collectively Relationship between poverty and marriage – marriage as a luxury, why o Men have to be able to help provide, women who are poor often are better off working with other single mothers to survive Cultural affects on marriage - 5 general beliefs about marriage shared by most Americans o Most marriages will last o Desirable for most adults o Should have children o Men providers, women caregivers Percent of overall US population that does marry at some point – 90% Group least likely to ever marry - African American Women – 75% ever marry, 25% do not Miscegenation laws – what are they, when were they declared unconstitutional o Laws banning marriage of different races, 67? Economic and Health effects on marriage – what are they, hypotheses on why o People are often more healthy and economically sound when they are married, because resources are pooled and there is a safety net Remarriages – ½ of all marriages, men more likely to remarry than women, whites more likely to remarry than African Americans The Two Marriages by Jessie Bernard (coursepack) – what is it, her hypotheses on why o Men and women have two different marriages because of social stratification, mens marriage is better because they don’t have to sacrifice
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soc 315 Study_Guide_Exam_2 - Study Guide Exam 2 Family and...

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