Humanitarianism - Humanitarianism Equanos petition to the...

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Unformatted text preview: Humanitarianism Equanos petition to the House of Commons in England Hopes the book is going to excite a sense of compassion and misery of the countrymen. In the interest of humanity terminology wasnt common at the time, growing commitment. A sense of compassion and the interest of humanity Progressgrowing belief in progress Time: linear history Unenlightened > enlightenedrecognized that some places were more important than others Barbarie > civilized Space: global history (stages of civilization) -ization: secularization, urbanization, bureaucratization (everywhere) The west and the world Human nature= all humans are alike (no matter color, creed, etc) > anti slavery Human history= one pattern of human evolution and development > imperialism The Anglo-American and French model backwardness in Italy and Russia Idea that they were behind in certain key areas of development. A complex of backwardness. Labeled and self-conscious. E.g. russias self-conscious relationship to Europe Peter the great (1700) westernizers vs slavophiles (18 th , 19 th c) Bolsheviks (20 th ) Reform Relious and secular reformers in 18 th c Englandloss of religious focus in euro contries Evangelical churches: Anglican and dissenting (Unitarian, quaker, etc. ) Political and socieal theory: civil society and community Divine right theory: absolutism Social contract theory: john locke, two treaties on government (1690) sympathy and tenderness: david hume, treatiese of human nature (1739- 40) Mid-18thc appreciation of sensibilityoverlapping and meaning sympathycapacity for feeling, sensitivity....
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Humanitarianism - Humanitarianism Equanos petition to the...

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