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Unformatted text preview: Demeas argument for Existence Of GOD In the paper Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion by David Hume, an imaginary character called Demea puts forward an argument for the existence of God. As we can see from the reading, Demea is a character who strongly defends the Cosmological argument of Gods existence. The cosmological argument claims that God must exist due to the fact that the universe needs a cause. Demeas argument in the paper starts with the concept or belief that for whatever that exists, there must be a cause or reason for its existence. He further adds that it is impossible for anything to produce itself and be the reason for its own existence. However, there are two scenarios that arise from this argument. Firstly, either one goes over an infinite series of causes without any ultimate cause, or, one ends up with an ultimate cause which already exists necessarily from before. According to Demea, the first scenario is unrealistic. He argues that, in an infinite chain of causes and effects, the cause of each single effect is the one that immediately...
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