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Term Paper Guidelines

Term Paper Guidelines - TERM PAPER GUIDELINES I Due Tue Nov...

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TERM PAPER GUIDELINES I. Due: Tue., Nov. 29 II. Length: 5-7 pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) III. Topic: A. Compare a post-1960s documentary with a pre-World War II documentary. B. Discuss one of the Oscar’s Docs series films (1941-1960) in relation to pre-1941 and/or post-1960 documentary developments. C. Chose your own topic, with approval from your TA. IV. Method: A. View your film(s)/TV show(s) closely and research it/them thoroughly. B. Develop a stance, argument, or point you will make about the film(s) TV show(s). C. Apply the historical and theoretical knowledge you have gained in class to your analysis. D. Provide social and documentary-film historical context for the film(s) or TV show(s) you discuss. E. Incorporate assigned readings, as well as material from at least two non-assigned readings drawn from the supplementary text list or elsewhere. Additional sources are encouraged but not required. F. Include a close reading, or textual analysis, of the film(s)/TV show(s).
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