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Marketing Project - II ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Developed by...

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II. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Developed by a group of Penn State students, the Hydro Company skyrocketed from a greasy run-down neighborhood garage into a nationally recognized automotive industry that is on the rise- primarily due the introduction of the water-powered Breakthrough model. A. The Marketing Environment 1. Competitive Forces . The competition in the automotive industry is strong on both a national and local basis. Fortunately, the Breakthrough introduces a revolutionary technology that will eventually replace the traditional gas powered vehicles, essentially blowing all other competitors out of the water. Hybrid cars are in close relation to the watercar in the sense that both are serving as environmentally-friendly vehicles, but as hybrids are not holding a dominant share of the automotive market already, the introduction of the Breakthrough will eventually run hybrids into the ground. 2. Economic Forces . With the rapidly increasing costs of oil, natural gas and ethanol, consumers are only growing more and more frustrated with the costs of transportation. The availability of water in replacement of the dependency on oil will in turn be the deciding factor for the consumer to choose the Breakthrough over the traditional gas-
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Marketing Project - II ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Developed by...

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