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Engl 202B - Paper 1

Engl 202B - Paper 1 - training Sports have always been a...

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Michael Purcell Jr. 920438756 English 202B Section 016 College is a challenge no matter what you aspire to accomplish in life. Whether you plan to pursue in a more popular major such as business or a less unknown major such a kinesiology, every class, every homework quiz or test all matter in the end. The grades you accumulate from your college career indeed play a major role in the job you receive upon graduation, but you swagger, your style and your overall character will make you great at whatever it is you decide to do. I personally prefer the more unknown major kinesiology. Kinesiology in layman’s terms would be better known as a major having to do with sports, whether it has to do with injuries, training, and teaching. Etc. There are many different aspects to the kinesiology major. My focus is the fitness study option, which focuses on preparing students for wellness professions such as fitness management, coaching, and personal
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Unformatted text preview: training. Sports have always been a huge part of my life and I have always dreamt of coaching football, which is why kinesiology will help in obtaining my dream. My classes will provide me with the knowledge I need to be able to plan structured training program, such as different drills, practices, and workouts, which will give me an edge when preparing whatever team I may coach. My kinesiology classes will also provide me with the ability to develop my player into an effective team which is vital in having a successful season, but more importantly team chemistry is vital in order to have fun. I am lucky enough to have found a high school where I will be able to observe and help out with coaching. It is basically like an internship which will look excellent on my resume for when I am out of school and begin pursuing my career....
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