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English 202B Holleman Endorsement Grade Sheet Topic and Criteria: Does this paper take a unique approach to the topic and provide clear criteria? Does the author move beyond obvious or cliché concepts? ___________Weak _________Fair _______Good _______Excellent Purpose and Exigence: Does the writer show the importance of the criteria, tell why the evaluation matters, and give the reader a reason to read? ___________Weak _________Fair _______Good _______Excellent Ethos: Does the writer demonstrate good ethos and pathos (if necessary) throughout? ___________Weak _________Fair _______Good _______Excellent
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Unformatted text preview: Evidence and Organization: Does this paper make claims that the author substantiates with evidence in the form of anecdotes, statistics, quotations, etc.? Is the evidence presented in a logical arrangement with good transitions between paragraphs? Is the writer aware of counterarguments to the paper? ___________Weak _________Fair _______Good _______Excellent Voice, Style, Grammar: Does this paper have an appropriate voice, varied sentence structure, strong verbs, and correct grammar? ___________Weak _________Fair _______Good _______Excellent Overall Grade: _______...
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