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Luke Lipsky History Report Due Nov. 2nd James Madison On the midnight of March 16, 1751, Nelly Conway Madison- James Madison Sr.’s wife gave birth to their first child, James at her stepfather’s plantation in King George County, Virginia. James grew up on another family plantation along the Rappahannock River, in which he witnessed first hand on a day to day basis, the coming and going of farmers and marketers anxious to buy and sell tobacco and goods from England. In a sense, coastal Virginia knew Liverpool, Bristol, and London better than it knew Philadelphia or Charleston (Ketcham, 11). There are few documented accounts of James Madison’s childhood, but the majority of the known information derives from his fathers’ account book. James Sr. didn’t often mention his son in the accounts, outside of the events of him being sent out to buy clothes for their slaves, or out to buy farming supplies. James probably heard plenty of bickering about the poll tax, land tax, and parish levies from his father throughout his entire childhood, since it fills up a decent amount of the things mentioned in his account book. The family was rather wealthy, with successful businessmen from each side. His father was a self-educated man, who mastered reading and writing and was quick to teach his son all he knew at an early age. After the family bought a mansion in 1760, there were accounts of James Sr. paying schoolmasters schillings for a one-room schoolhouse type of education. He was indeed wise beyond his years; around the age of eight he was writing poetry that was influenced by the bible that ended up being published in his later years (founding fathers, 17). In 1762, he enrolled in a very well regarded school in King and Queen County, Virginia, which was headed by Donald Robertson, who found a special interest in James and even paid for his tuition. From there he went to the College of New Jersey, which is
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Luke Lipsky History Report Due Nov. 2nd James Madison the modern-day Princeton University, and graduated in 1771. He was known there as a well disciplined and diligent scholar, it was also here that he adopted his first bit of interest in politics, studying the political theory from Plato and Aristotle to the teachings of Locke and the English Whigs (Founding Fathers, 20). After he graduated however, he became very ill, which was not uncommon for Madison throughout his entire life. He finished out an extra six months at Princeton studying Hebrew and then returned home, and studied law (Ketcham, 23). This point in Madison’s life was rather troublesome- to add to being frail and
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HISTORY REPORT- James Madison - Luke Lipsky Due Nov. 2nd...

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