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American_Class_System- 1-15-08

American_Class_System- 1-15-08 - THE AMERICAN CLASS SYSTEM...

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THE AMERICAN CLASS SYSTEM: Chapter 3 1/15/08 MYTH THAT AMERICA IS A CLASSLESS SOCIETY Not true. Class exists in any society. ECONOMIC AND BEHAVIORAL CLASSES Economic class is broken into people with similar income, wealth, occupation, and education. All of these are related because more income means a better education and a better occupation. Behavioral class deals with peoples’ lifestyles or way of living. I.E. where one goes to eat, belonging to a social club, etc. SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS (SES) MAX WEBER AND LIFESTYLE AND STATUS GROUPS AMERICA IS A MIDDLE-CLASS SOCIETY A huge group of people. America is not a class-conscious society. There are many layers of the middle class making America what it is THE SIX CLASSES IN AMERICAN SOCIETY AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS Rich & Elite, Upper-middle class, Middle-class, Lower-middle class, working poor, underclass. Rich & Elite own majority of wealth in this country. Wealth comes from stocks, assets, and bonds, rather than just income. Come from Ivy League
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