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poverty_and_poor- 1-22-08 - OUTLINE-POVERTY AND POOR...

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OUTLINE-POVERTY AND POOR 1/22/08 1. THE THREE CONCEPTIONS OF POVERTY Poor are invisible to most people Poor people do whatever they can to survive Many poor lose homes because they cannot afford mortgage payments --ABSOLUTE; RELATIVE; OFFICIAL Absolute poverty : cannot meet any basic needs to be satisfied Relative poverty : comparing countries poverty statuses, technological advances. Having computers, homes, but not much food or other necessities, compared to having nothing at all in other third world countries. Or comparing different times of poverty. someone without certain resources like computer skills, a nice car Official poverty : Creating a poverty line for people below rich and make them eligible for aid. Creating standards for who poor people are 2. WHO ARE THE POOR AND THE FEMINIZATION OF POVERTY Benton Harbor was the poorest area is Michigan and was highly segregated More white people are poor than all others 28.5% of single-headed households are considered below the poverty line compared to
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poverty_and_poor- 1-22-08 - OUTLINE-POVERTY AND POOR...

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