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Unformatted text preview: 2-5-08 STRATIFICATION SYSTEMS AND SOCIAL MOBILTY WHAT ARE STRATIFICATION SYSTEMS AND HOW DO SOCIETIES RANK THEIR MEMBERS? Ranked by categories primarily by income, wealth, and occupation TRADITIONAL SOCIETIES VS. MODERN SOCIETIES WHAT IS SOCIAL MOBILITY? The ability to move throughout a hierarchy or stratification system, downward or upward WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF STRATIFICATION SYSTEMS? --CLOSED, RIGID Very limited mobility, takes a lot of power to break out of a class The class you were born into is where you would stay --OPEN, POROUS Example is the modern world, movement allowed from one strata of society to the next CLOSED SYSTEMS--CASTE SYSTEM AND ESTATE SYSTEMS --SLAVERY IN THE UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL, SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES In Brazil, if you were a slave and then were released you would become a full member of society --CASTE SYSTEM IN INDIA, APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA, JIM CROW IN THE UNITED STATES, BURAKUMIN IN JAPAN Caste is based on social inequality and social distance Marry inside own caste 5th category of Castes called the untouchables OPEN SYSTEMS--CLASS SYSTEMS ARE CLOSED SYSTEMS REALLY CLOSED AND OPEN SYSTEMS REALLY OPEN --COMPARING THE TWO SYSTEMS SOCIAL MOBILITY IN MODERN SOCIETIES STRUCTURAL AND INDIVIDUAL FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE UPWARD MOBILITY --ROLE OF ECONOMY AND OPPORTUNITY STRUCTURE MEASURING SOCIAL MOBILITY --UPWARD, DOWNWARD Student, moves up after college Lose a job, downward --INTER-GENERATIONAL Between generations occupation changes --INTRA-GENERATIONAL -Happens within lifetime --RANGE MOBILITY TRENDS FACTORS INVOLVED IN INDIVIDUAL MOBILITY --ACCIDENT OF BIRTH --EDUCATION --RACE AND GENDER --SOCIAL NETWORKS --LADY LUCK ROLE OF EDUCATION IN THE MOBILITY PROCESS FAMILY ENVIRONMENT ...
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