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observation paper

observation paper - Jessica Takahashi 05 December 2007 MUED...

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Jessica Takahashi 05, December 2007 MUED 479 Fall Semester 2007 Observation Paper I did my observations at 32 nd street elementary school, which has three music programs. There are two optional after school programs taught by USC students on Mondays. Since they were both on Mondays, I did not get to observe the guitar class unfortunately, since I have class on Mondays at that time. The first, “Jazz Reach,” is a choir, while the second is a Guitar class. Although I did not get to witness the guitar class I would imagine that it covered national standard 2, performing on instruments, and national standard 5, reading and notating music. The last program is run by a music teacher, Dr. Murphy, who comes every Wednesday to coach a 4 th grade and 5 th grade choir. Just incase you were wondering why I don’t have an elementary school and why I don’t have a car and why I had class on those days, I am still an ungrad student, a freshman to be exact, so all of this has been quite a new learning experience. On November 5, I first observed an optional after-school choir program taught by USC student Marissa. There were 9 students at the hour-long class I attended, ranging from 3 rd to 5 th grade. The class began with Marissa leading warm up exercises and a rhythm game called “big booty”(they loved the name). In the exercise, each child was given a number; the first person would start by saying “big booty number one” followed by the second saying “big booty number two” and so forth. Although the kids were completely off beat the first time, Marissa reinforced positively “that was pretty good for a first try!” and then modified the exercise by going slower and then making them slap their thighs while saying their parts; this second attempt was very successful. They then rehearsed their three numbers for an upcoming concert to be performed at
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USC. She clearly identified when to start by counting off “One, two, one two three four,” and would then sing with the kids. This is where it got messy. By this time, all of the boys had lost their attention and many were not singing. She would tell them “you need to sing” several times, but it was clear that they didn’t wan to be there. Some were moving around, dancing, and it was distracting because she always had to deal with the disruptive kids. She did, however, make a strong effort to reward behaving kids with “great singing.” Whenever she lost control of the
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observation paper - Jessica Takahashi 05 December 2007 MUED...

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