PHIL exam #3

PHIL exam #3 - Exam#3 PHIL 140 December 6 2007 Soble...

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Exam #3 PHIL 140 December 6, 2007 Soble criticized the Anticoh policy, claiming that having a man ask a woman whether or not she was sure she wanted to engage in sexual activity undermines the woman’s autonomy. A few words about the Antioch policy… Antioch Policy A7. Of the Antioch Policy states: “Don’t ever make any assumptions about consent.” Rather than the old adage “when in doubt, ask” the policy demands one to simply “ask.” Asking involves: #1 : Questioning her Yes #2 : Questioning her No Soble’s Criticism In the course of his argument, Sable claims that the Antioch policy undermines a woman’s autonomy. For the purpose of his argument, he defines that : an autonomous action of a woman is one in which A) She does what she thinks is best and B) She genuinely thinks it is the best decision Addressing #1: Questioning her No Soble argues that by having a man question whether a woman’s no actually means no, he is assuming that either 1) She says “No,” but she doesn’t really know what she wants or 2) She means “Yes” but says “No” because she wants to pretend that she doesn’t want it
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PHIL exam #3 - Exam#3 PHIL 140 December 6 2007 Soble...

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