Exam #2 - Professor Yaffe Phil 140 November 6, 2007 Exam #2...

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Professor Yaffe Phil 140 November 6, 2007 Exam #2 Marquis’ view on contraception In his essay “Why abortion is immoral,” Marquis claims that taking away a “future of value” is murder, and therefore abortion is murder. Further, Marquis claims that contraception does not take away a future of value, and therefore, contraception is not murder. He identifies four possibilities in which contraception might be considered taking a future of value. They are: (a) some sperm or other (b) some ovum or other (c) a sperm and an ovum separately (d) a sperm and an ovum together. The argument on which Norcross focuses on is primarily (d), as it seems like the most likely candidate for a “future of value.” In Marquis’ essay, Marquis defends that (d) is not denied a future of value through his following statement: “At the time of contraception, there are hundreds of millions of sperm, one (released) ovum and millions of possible combinations of al these. There is no actual combination at all. Is the subject of the loss to be a merely possible combination? Which one? This alternative does not yield an actual subject of harm either. Accordingly, the immorality of contraception is not entailed by the loss of a future-like-ours agreement simply because there is no nonarbitrarily identifiable subject of the loss in the case of contraception. ..” Norcross’ response to Marquis Norcross interprets Marquis’ text as stating four main reasons why contraception is not murder, while abortion is: 1. Prior to contraception, there is no way of knowing which zygote would be created 2. There is no fact of the matter about which zygote would be created. 3.
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Exam #2 - Professor Yaffe Phil 140 November 6, 2007 Exam #2...

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