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Assignment 5 - WRIT 140 Assignment 5 07 December 2007...

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WRIT 140 Assignment 5 07 December 2007 Diverse Food, United America On the surface, it may appear that “American” food is defined through unhealthy fast food. But how “American” are our fast food chains? Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Chipotle- these common American drive-ins are each a result of the integration of ethnic ingredients into mainstream society. Rather than offering a distinct set of foods indigenous to an area, the United States combines flavorful dishes from across the world, resulting in a plethora of dining options. American food has grown to be defined by its unique and diverse selection, which serves as a tool that unifies the nation and promotes cultural acceptance. Due to the common clustering of minority groups in the United States, specialty stores and markets have been formed by these communities to create a sense of familiarity while learning to adapt to American culture. Especially for recent immigrants, familiar ethnic foods provide a comfort and certainty within the chaos and stress that accompanies the cultural shock. In addition, food is one consistent thing in which immigrants can control and retain their mastery of after immigration; after immigration, people immediately gain a subordinate minority status, often times have a language barrier inhibiting job prospects and day-to-day communication, as well as lose competence over their children as the children learn English and become more functional. Amist of these initial immigration hardships, the privilege of having their familiar cuisine is vital to a successful transition without losing complete face. In order to recreate the authentic foods that were indigenous to their home country, these stores often import food to
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cater to these constituents. One steadily emerging chain is the 99 Ranch Market, a Chinese- Based market which sells “a wide range of imported food products and merchandise from Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia” (“99 Ranch”). As more Asians and those of other cultures continue to immigrate, these stores will become more widespread, granting access to other Americans who would have otherwise never been exposed to these “foreign” authentic raw ingredients. Another example of the spread of diverse food is the international buffet. These all-you-can-eat style restaurants offer cuisine from across the world in one convenient set-up, making it accessible and easier than ever to try new foods. One of the most popular of these is the Harrah’s Casino International Buffet in Los Vegas. As the American
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Assignment 5 - WRIT 140 Assignment 5 07 December 2007...

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