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Assignment 3 - Professor Cleveland WRIT 140 Assignment#3 29...

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Professor Cleveland WRIT 140 Assignment #3 29 October 2007 Paris in America America is a highly progressive nation that embraces ethnic diversity, hard work, education, and moral character. In theory. Of course, these are all values that Americans are raised to believe and pursue, yet they are rarely enforced. Paris Hilton, the heiress America loves to hate, is often perceived as a poor role model and undeserving of her nationwide fame. Ultimately, this attention and popularity surrounding Paris undermines the integrity of social class, perceptions about beauty, and work ethic in American society. Despite negative sentiment, American culture remains the culprit to Hilton’s success and continues to support her growing empire. In a perfect world, each individual would be judged by their moral character, rather than their appearance. Although judging a person by their moral integrity is widely encouraged in American society, there is no doubt that appearance plays a significant role in how people are treated. Before relationships develop, appearance is the first facet in which people are judged. Coincidentally, nearly every celebrity today is extremely attractive, former model Paris Hilton being no exception. Celebrities derive superficial respect from those who only seek association with attractive people to enhance their own image. It is a fact that people who are physically attractive gain more job opportunities and attract a wider range of potential partners. In a highly icon-based community, images are used in American culture to lure in consumers because pleasing aesthetics appeals to the senses. Paris utilizes her assets in the same fashion, “selling”
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her sex appeal to maintain the public’s attention. Americans are inundated with images designed to sell in the form of advertisements, entertainment, and business, so why not people? Images of beautiful, thin women such as Paris adorning magazine covers reinforce the shame of the F-word. Fat. Most parents encourage their children to develop healthy eating habits in hopes of preventing them from falling into the same cycle of pursuing an unrealistic body image. Whether or not her thin frame is natural, Paris is much thinner than the average American woman. Being able to maintain such a figure despite hitting bars almost every week only crystallizes the notion that those who are overweight are inferior due to their lack of self-control or naturally heavyset frame. Eating disorders and plastic surgery are two extreme but growing trends susceptible women, and to a lesser degree men, engage in while in the pursuit of physical perfection. Women walk into the plastic surgeon’s office with pictures of their perfect features, including Paris’ nose, Paris’s lips, and Paris’ eyes. These young women are vulnerable to the media’s portrayal of Paris and similar celebrities because they at a point in their lives when finding a spouse, securing a career, and social acceptance are critical. The superficial ideal the
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Assignment 3 - Professor Cleveland WRIT 140 Assignment#3 29...

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