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Assignment 2 - Writ 140 Assignment #2 08 October 2007...

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Writ 140 Assignment #2 08 October 2007 Giving Self-Expression a Face…book Americans are notorious for jumping at the chance to sue somebody, for speaking their mind, and for fighting for change- for exercising their freedom to self-expression. Self- expression is a very highly revered American value, as it allows people to practice their natural freedoms. One outlet that this creative energy is displayed through is a networking website called Facebook. Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has risen to become the sixth most visited website in the U.S in just three short years (Zuckerberg). This innovative social network functions as a venue for creative freedom and strongly reinforces America’s value of self- expression. Facebook. Many users who use the site rarely contemplate the implications of its title. Upon dissection, one finds that this name has a significant meaning in relation to its aim of facilitating individual connections. The “Face” part of this name represents the user. A person’s face is the way they present themselves as they would like others to perceive them. Through this website, people are allowed to present any face they choose, regardless of whether or not it truly represents their character. This allowance of self-expression empowers the user to package themselves into their ideal image. The word “book” in Facebook represents the deeper stories behind the images. This website provides users with tools to enable users to share their individual experiences and views. Just as no two people are identical, no two stories are told in
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the same manner, providing Facebook with a unique blend of storytellers sharing their tales. Assembling both halves together, this website becomes a “book” of “faces”- a collection of stories, where each page paints the viewpoint of a different individual. Upon entering a Facebook profile, one’s eyes immediately jump to the image displayed on the upper left-hand corner - the user’s profile picture. Users are able to upload a profile picture to greet their site visitors. Though most people choose to upload a photograph of themselves, others opt to display their unique persona with a different image - their dog, a piece of corn, or perhaps a picture of Pikachu. Whatever the image may be, users enjoy their freedom to customize their profile to visually make a statement about who they are. Facebook also allows its users to create several digital photo albums, in which users can upload as many pictures as they desire. Like profile pictures, these albums leave much room for self-expression and present it in an organized manner to visually enhance the user’s captured experiences. A growing favorite, this feature prompts nearly fourteen million photos each day (Zuckerberg). These popular photo albums have replaced obsolete tangible albums, as digital photography becomes cheaper, more efficient, and produces finer image quality. With the growing popularity of modern technology,
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Assignment 2 - Writ 140 Assignment #2 08 October 2007...

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