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Homework Week 1 CISP 211 Format your document as instructed in the BB course instructions including: Format your compiled homework report as one report in APA format (use your APA handbook). Per your Course Policies stated in the Syllabus section, this includes: A title page Headings detailing each exercise Answers to each exercise with citations as necessary A final conclusion paragraph summarizing the concepts used from the chapter that is relevant to the homework (with a heading) A reference page (remember your text is a reference too) At times it is acceptable to use bullets points or tables to illustrate an answer. Use your best judgment and be sure to create an organized paper that is easily readable. Don't forget any necessary in-text citations and corresponding final reference page. Remember to create one document that is cohesive throughout. Choose any 4 questions to answer for homework. Your choice. Remember to analyze the purpose of the question and cite any references you may have used.
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