1-30 Persian period cont.

1-30 Persian period cont. - Persian period cont We use the...

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1-30-06 Persian period cont. We use the term Judah to refer to the old southern kingdom before 586 BC but then it is called Judea after 586 BC—doesn’t exactly correspond o Judea is just the northern half of what had been the kingdom of Judah Cyrus of Persia’s edict allowed the Judeans to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple (539): o Probably one of the most tolerant and multi-cultural empires of the day o Allowed exiled peoples to return to their native homelands if they chose Native peoples were encouraged to worship their own gods o Ezra and Nehemiah Ezra was a Jewish scribe who was learned in Jewish Law Cyrus sends Ezra to Judea to implement Jewish law as the law of the land Ezra reads the law to the people Nehemiah, Jewish (at this point this means that their ancestors came from the kingdom of Judah; by definition you will worship the God of Israel, making you a Jew) had attained a high position in the Persian administration (cup bearer of the king) Sent to govern the distinct the Medina of Yahud o Second Temple: consecrated in 516 BC They rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem but many exiled Jews decided to stay in Babylonia This forms the corps of a very prosperous community in Babylonia The distinct of Samaria is the corps of what had been the old kingdom of Israel Area to the south of Judea is called Idumaea, had been part of Judah and is now inhabited by an Idumaeians who are not Jewish. They are they descendants of the biblical Edomites o Herod the Great is Idumaean on his father’s side of the family Ammonites live in Tobiads that is under the administration of a Jewish dynastic family called the Tobiads All of these districts are landlocked o The coast is divided into long strips Among the people who came under Persian rule were the
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1-30 Persian period cont. - Persian period cont We use the...

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