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Lecture 19 - Lecture 18: NT Arch. Caeserea's aqueducts!...

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Lecture 18: NT Arch. Caeserea’s aqueducts ! There were two diff. systems built, the high level one built by Herod. With two channels on it. They looked very Roman. The word only truly refers to a channel through which water flows. That channel isn’t necessarily channeled on arches. The water is being brought from the mountains to the north of Caesarea, the water is flowing by the force of gravity. The water has to be conveyed that 1. it’s flowing donwhills 2. the gradient of the channel gentle enough so that the water doesn’t spill out. How do you do that when the ground is uneven? Build a tunnel through the mountains, and raise the channel to the level you need by supporting it on arches. Aqueducts are not normally covered over, the channel on top isn’t covered, or sometimes the channel is covered with stone slabs. By the 4 th century AD a low level aqueduct had to be built, running parallel with the high level aqueduct. This one was supplied not by springs in the mountains, but a dammed riverbed to the north. Caesarea flourished for centuries after Herod built it, through the Middle Ages! In the Byzantine Period (5-6 th AD) the city had doubled in size and a lot of remains in Caesarea are from this period. One of the interesting finds in the city is a street, lined by Roman statues, headless statues set up as antiques on either side of the road. Samaria-Sebaste (Sebastos)- another site set up by Herod at the time. Caesarea was set outside Judea. The cities Herod built were NOT in the territory of Judea. However, there were still tensions between the Jews in the city and the gentiles in the area. Even though the Jews were the minority. The Jewish revolt began in Caesarea!
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Lecture 19 - Lecture 18: NT Arch. Caeserea's aqueducts!...

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